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Mistakes to Avoid with Web Design

The internet has been with us so long now, we might be more familiar with the web than our own families. We know what we like, and we know what sort of things push all the wrong buttons and Web design in Sydney is the same as anywhere else. If you are just beginning a new project, or if the time has come to start over. This is an opportunity to remind yourself of some pitfalls and technical aggravations, that plague web designers the world over.

Clarity of purpose: I am often amazed that on some sites it is hard to determine the company’s actual name, or their specialization. Sometimes you are faced with multiple links, suggestions, and advertisements, but nowhere can you discover the article or item you searched for. Simple uncluttered design is difficult to achieve, but it is worth the effort. When your viewer struggles to navigate a busy site, they end up feeling like they were suckered in. Your website should be organized in such a way that your customer understands the products and purpose of the site. Clients should feel like their time is valuable.

User experience: related to the last paragraph is the concept of user experience. Not every site has the same goals or represents the same type of client. Knowing your market is foremost. But beyond that, your site should do everything it can, to provide a professional and pleasing journey through your venue. Customer’s should be able to determine what you offer, and the graphics and functionality should give them a sense of confidence and assurance they have come to the right place. Pay special attention to design consistency and mood.

Searchability: You might spend a lot of time and money on your site, but if people can’t find it what good is it. Another annoying search related issue is links to phantom results or to a maze of drop-down menus and links to links. Menu bars can often be crowded yet miss critical options. And why has it become so popular to hide the contact information?  I have found that some designers in their ambition to be clever, hide the important links behind abstract graphic symbols. Understood by no one.

In addition to these design fails, I would include aggressive popups, self-starting videos with max sound, and too many calls to action. Your website represents either your company or you personally, and the way you put a site together, says a lot about your respect for the client and your care for detail. Take your time and get several opinions before you make your site live.

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