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EcoPayz Fee To Use – What and how much

Ecopayz is a digital wallet that can be used to transact money online. A person can deposit, withdraw and transfer money with just a single click. It facilitates the online transfer of money for business overseas. Though there are fees that are charged when a transaction is made

How much can be deposited, and at what fee charge?

Ecopayz offers a VIP subscription. If a person has VIP subscriptions, their account limit is more than that of normal users; in simple words, VIP subscribers can deposit more money than normal users, too, with less deposit fee charge. The deposit fee that is supposed to be charged depends on where the person is residing and what options they have to deposit money in the account. On a larger scale, VIP subscribers are charges nearly a 50% deposit fee than normal users.

How much can be withdrawn, and at what fee charge?

Just like depositing money applied fee charges, withdrawing money is also charged with an additional fee. The fee again depends on the withdrawal method, i.e., bank transfer applies comparatively more fees than zest transfer while transferring money from one Ecopayz account to another Ecopayz account is just minimal. Here again, VIP subscribers are charges much less than normal users are. Gold level VIPs are charged nothing if they transfer from one Ecopayz Account to another.

A similar case is when withdrawing a certain amount. At the same time, bank transfers have more restrictions than zest pay, and it doesn’t matter how big the amount is when transferring from one Ecopayz account to another Ecopayz account.

What are other fees charged?

When mainly it is just deposit and withdrawal fees charged, there can be an exception for people who hold an Ecopayz MasterCard. These people are additionally charged for the MasterCard, and the fee depends on the level of VIP subscriptions. At least with a silver subscription, people are the ones eligible for a MasterCard issued by Ecopayz.

Ecopayz gebyr for å bruke in various purposes. While dealing with merchants overseas or simply transferring money to someone, it can be all done at Ecopayz. Though a certain fee is charged, Ecopayz remains one amazing digital wallet, slowly gaining popularity amongst everyone.

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