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6 Ways Your Business Can Promote Data Privacy

Data privacy will be the most important issue of the next decade. Businesses should have a proactive measure to ensure that it is stepping up to protect the customer information it holds. In this article, we’ll briefly talk about some of the best strategies your business can pursue to promote data privacy.

  1. Invest in Training

Employee training is one of the most important investments for promoting data privacy. It equips the workforce with knowledge and skills on what they can do to help the organization in its efforts. Training will also inform employees on how to spot threats and minimize vulnerabilities. To make the training effective, keep it short and engaging, such as through microlearning. Rather than conducting data privacy training in a classroom, take it online and provide shorter materials that will be easier for learners to digest.

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  1. Conduct a Data Privacy Audit

To protect customer privacy, one of the first things that your business needs to do is to have a data privacy audit. This procedure will identify the data that you should collect, as well as the current vulnerabilities that are present. It will provide a clear picture of where the business currently stands in terms of data privacy and what should be done to improve.

  1. Create a Privacy Policy

The data privacy measures that the business will implement should be expressed not only verbally but also in a written document. The management should form a team of qualified individuals to come up with a data privacy policy. These policies should then be disseminated, such as through emails or internal memos. Privacy policies are also important in websites wherein they are considered a legally binding agreement.

  1. Collect Only What is Necessary

Do not collect more than what you need. Collecting more data also means that the risks are increasing. Think about the information that you need and limit the data collection based on such.

  1. Don’t Forget Physical Data

When it comes to data privacy, most people will be focused on the digital side. While cyberattacks are huge threats, you should not ignore the physical data that you keep. Keep important business documents in a secure room or file cabinet. Use a shredder to get rid of the files that you do not need.

  1. Back-up Data

The business should also be prepared for the worst. Even with advanced measures in place, it is still possible that data can be compromised. The best practice is to regularly back-up data to minimize the impact of a data breach. This will avoid the daily operations of the business from being crippled in case there is a loss of data.

From investing in employee training to having a regular backup, this article talked about some of the best measures to promote data privacy. These strategies are important to protect the data that the business has and gain the trust of its customers.

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