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5 Ways to Use a Fog Cannon in Your Business

A fog cannon is versatile equipment that will have a long list of applications across several industries. From construction to mining, there are many ways to use a fog cannon, including those that we’ll be briefly talking about below.

  1. Dust Suppression

One of the most popular uses of fog cannons in businesses is for dust suppression. Construction, mining, food processing, and manufacturing companies are some of its common users. The fog cannon will create fine particles that will saturate airborne dust before they can pose serious health and environmental risks. Most of these cannons have a high and far throw range, making sure of optimal coverage.

  1. Disinfection

Cleaning and disinfecting your business facility will be easier with the help of a fog cannon, especially if it is outdoors. In large spaces, the cannon creates droplets with disinfectants, which is relevant in this time of Covid-19. All that you need is to load it with disinfectant and the cannon will do the rest. Direct the cannon on the area that you would like to treat. It can also be loaded in a vehicle so that it can move during the procedure to cover a larger area. These cannons can also be used in disinfecting streets and public places.

  1. Theft Prevention

Your business can also use fog cannons for theft prevention. Whether indoors or outdoors, it can distract thieves and send them away. Some fog cannons are equipped with sensors. These sensors will automatically disperse fog when motion has been detected. In turn, this can disorient perpetrators and send them away. To be effective, consider the strategic positioning of the fog cannon and link it to an alarm that will immediately catch attention.

  1. Crowd Cooling

If you have already attended an outdoor concert or festival in the heat of summer, you will know how uncomfortable it can be. This is another area where businesses can benefit from having fog cannons. When positioned strategically, it disperses fine mists and can have a cooling effect on the crowd. This will make the heat more manageable, contributing to positive experiences.

  1. Irrigation

You can also find specialized fog cannons that are built specifically for agricultural applications. They can help in making irrigation more efficient. Aside from spray irrigation, fog cannons can also be used for the dispersion of pesticides and fertilizers. In greenhouses, they can also be functional for increasing humidity.

From dust suppression to irrigation, the uses of fog cannons are varied. It is versatile equipment in multiple industries that can help promote a healthier and safer workplace. It can also minimize the environmental risks arising from various business activities. If you are looking for the best fog cannon to use in your business, Bosstek has you covered. The company is known for its range of cannons that can be useful beyond dust control.

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