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Setting Up An Ethernet Wired Network For Your Business

Whether you have a small business, a medium-sized concern, or a very large international company, when it comes to the critical subject of networking all the devices that make our modern enterprises happen, wired networks are unanimously preferred over wireless networks. The reasoning behind this choice is fairly simple, wired networks are significantly more stable than wireless options, are capable of much faster data transmission, offer far greater security, and do not experience any issues like the frequent loss or quality drop in signals that wireless networks suffer from.

In the fierce and fast-paced world of today’s business downtime can have dire consequences, so having https://deltathailand.com/en/products/Automation/Industrial-Automation/Control/Industrial-Ethernet-Solution wired networks are critical to maintaining the edge over your competition, ensuring your business stays on top!

Now that we have convinced you that ethernet-wired solutions are the right choice for your business, let’s have a look at how to set one up!

The preference for today’s wired network ethernet cables are the Cat5e Ethernet cables, Cat6a cables, and Cat6 Ethernet cables. By installing either Cat6a or Cat6 ethernet cables you will be future-proofing your network for any potential upgrades, and conveniently these cables are also backward compatible in the case of any legacy devices still in use.

It’s important to always install the latest upgraded and most powerful server, or servers if you need more than one, that are available. Wired network servers are designed to have the ability to run and support a wide range of devices and applications. The servers are also capable of simultaneously performing multiple functions. The size and the capacity of your servers should be able to perform these multiple functions seamlessly.

Always purchase the latest available computers and laptops as doing so will future-proof your network.

Another important component is a router with a firewall. The router is used to share connections, doing so by linking two or more networks together. Routers are also used to connect your business’ network devices to the internet. The firewall’s purpose is to keep your network safe by protecting it from malicious tampering and attempts at hacking. A firewall that is configured correctly keeps your data integrity intact by thwarting breach attempts and walling would-be hackers out.

Switches for the network are the final component that you will need to set up a business ethernet network, the purpose being to connect your computers to servers and to other computers.

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