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SEO: How to Improve the Experience of your Visitors on your Site

Search engines are constantly changing the factors that influence website rankings. Although Google does not usually tell outright, user experience is one factor that is clearly valued and weighed. That is why website owners must ensure their users have a positive experience when visiting their sites and they can achieve this by improving their search engine optimisation or SEO in Singapore. Below are some ways to help in improving user experience on your site:

Ensure Speedy Browsing

Users are less patient with slow websites. Thus, if your website does not load fast, you will lose a significant amount of visitors. With unhappy websites, Google will rank your site accordingly. Keep in mind that users will only spend a few seconds to wait for your site to load and move to the next when your site fails.

Create a Responsive Site Design

Responsive website designs make websites compatible across all devices. Thus, no matter what the device a user uses, they can easily read and navigate the site with minimal resizing or scrolling. Because a lot of internet searches take place on mobile devices, it only makes sense to make your site as responsive to ensure users will visit and stay on your site.

Make Sure Users can Easily Navigate your Site

No users will ever want to stay or visit a website again that left them lost and confused.  Make sure your visitors can easily navigate every page of your site. Menu bars, internal linking, and a clean design are some ways to make your site easy on users.

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