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Main complaints about online gaming

Majority of the situs judi deposit pulsa will tend to have the same complaints all across. When you know about the main grievance that players on the online platform for gambling have might help you as an operator to avoid the same where possible, keeping the player happy while on your platform. According to a research carried out in 2018 in the UK, men are likely to make a complaint as compared to women.

Complaints are normally lodged more among the young gamblers in the 18 years to 24 year bracket. It is an indication that, the younger the gamers who come to the platform, the higher the quality of the platform should be on the online gambling as compared to the older players and they like taking decisive action through complaining. The trend that is with the millennial to demand high levels of customer support service and to take action whenever the level is not met well extends in the sphere of iGaming.

When it comes to the type of complaints which are made, the main problems which the player complains about is related to money issues. Not being paid for winning and not being able to withdraw funds are the most frequently made complaints at about 17% and 15% out of the total complaints made?

The two areas which were significantly complained about are promotions which are misleading which was at 14% of the total complaints and incorrect settlement of bets which stands at 13%, indicating the necessity of players being placed on a movement which is seamless of the money when using the online gambling platforms.

Just like any other industry, it is clear for the companies dealing with the online gambling to pay close attention to their customer base and what they require from their gaming experience.

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