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Knowing About the Important Features of a Website Builder

Website builders are the perfect solution to meet the immediate needs of the users. Due to the busy lifestyle of people, website builders serve the purpose of fulfilling their requirements of website building. You do not have to do the task of studying codes and the technical details deeply in order to build your website. This purpose is served by the website builder.

Features of A Website Builder

Easy to Use

A good website builder should be very simple and easy to use. You can create a website with the help of a website builder quickly and easily. When you choose it and its interface is confusing you can always look for another one.

Quality of Website Design Template Should Be Clean and Mobile- Friendly

The design template should be clean, modern and can be customized. There are a number of templates available. Each template has a preview mode. It helps you in making a proper choice regarding the selection of a template.

Pre-formatted Web Page Layout

The website design template provides you with basic design elements like color, font style, etc. But in case you need to add more pages but do not know from where you need to start, here pre-designed page layout is useful. You can pick one that suits your requirement and replace the sample content.

E-Commerce Solutions

If you wish to sell products on your website then you have to choose the website builder that provides e-commerce solutions. Some e-commerce dedicated builders provide advanced e-commerce tools.

Form Builder

The website builder should help in creating the contact, registration or feedback form easily. There should be a feature of customizing these forms so that these can be created according to your needs.

Blogging Tool

The main job of a website builder is to build a website and not a blog.  But some of the website builders give all the basic tools for your blog like adding posts, implementing social sharing and setting blog categories.

Social Media Integration

A good website builder should provide social sharing functionality. For example, in the case Facebook, it should allow you to add a Like or Share button. Same functionality should be provided with other social media platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.


Having proper knowledge about the various features of a web builder helps you in choosing the right one. You are able to create a website which has all the essential components of a perfect website.

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