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Important Website Designing Mistakes Your Business Must Avoid

Your website design can either benefit your business or harm it. Besides its appearance, the way it functions and navigates holds a lot of importance in how your website is viewed by people. This article is all about learning the top website design mistakes that are preventing you from getting the desired results from it.

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No clarity about your company

For customers to view your business as an authentic one, it requires that you clearly mention about your company, its year of establishment, location, and objective. In addition to it, a visitor needs to know what is the unique about your business, which sets your business apart from your competitors.

In short, you need to state clearly why they should choose you over other business operating in the same domain.  Mention about the distinctive features of your services and product along with certain confidence-building elements such as awards, industry affiliates, and testimonials.

Not being mobile-friendly

Being able to work on various devices like iPad, laptop, desktop PC, mobile, etc. is very important nowadays. This is because nowadays a person doesn’t use one fixed medium to access online space. This is where you need to make your website mobile-friendly. A website should be made mobile compatible so that a user can easily read text on your website without any truncation.

Takes a long to load

Another mistake that most of the websites fail to gain customer attraction is that it is slow to load. If a website takes more than three seconds to load, then it can be a potential issue that needs to be solved. Removing unnecessary graphics, images, and advertisements on your websites can be one of the things that can improve your website speed.

Fonts that are difficult to read

What is the point of making a website when users are not able to read what is displayed on the website? Ensure that the font and font size you choose should be reader-friendly.


These are some of the mistakes that you must avoid while creating your website. Not just it will project a good reputation among your website visitors but also help you gain more customers. A correctly designed website will leave the best impression on people that they will want to visit your website again.

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