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Are Magic Mushrooms Legal In Canada And How To Buy Them?

Shrooms are largely known for the amazingly euphoric experience that they can provide to their users. This is why it is also pretty common for people to use magic mushrooms as a stress buster. While there are some negative effects of the consumption of magic mushrooms, if done properly, the positive effects outweigh the side effects. If you are someone who wants to improve their mental health and experience a new feeling of euphoria then you should give shrooms a try. If you have the question ‘ are magic mushrooms legal in Canada ?’ in your mind, then you’re at the right place. You should know all about the legal status of Magic Mushrooms in your country before thinking about the process of consumption.

Are magic mushrooms legal in Canada?

Earlier, magic mushrooms were not-so-legal even if the sale was still in operation. However, in 2020, magic mushrooms were made legal for consumption for people suffering from depression, anxiety, or similar mental disorders. This happened largely as the government acknowledged the mental health benefits associated with the use of magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms have been effective in reducing various symptoms of depression. As the consumption of shrooms provides the users with a euphoric experience, it also helps them to get rid of their stress and anxiety.

How can you buy shrooms in Canada?

If you wish to buy shrooms in Canada for consumption, you can order them online if you are at the legal age of 19 and above. You can order the exact type of shrooms that you want and specify the quantity required. Once that is done, they will ask you to furnish some necessarydetails and you can then get your order in just a few days.

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